3 Reasons why Pugs are better than Dachshunds

Debates will always rage between owners of various small breeds as to what specific breed makes the best all round pet. Of all the small breed owners, there are few more passionate about their dogs than the owners of pugs and dachshunds. So we felt like we had to ask the tough question ( with our tongues firmly in our cheeks) – why do Pugs make so much better pets than Dachshunds?

Firstly let me say this – we love dachshunds. We really do. They are amazing dogs. But then so are Pugs. So we wanted to write an article from the perspective of those who are mad about their pugs. I have no doubt at all that there will be an article in the future from the doxie owners.

Pugs are so ugly they are cute

Cute Pug Looking at you

Different dogs have their own personalities, and dachshunds are not short on personality. But look at a pug for a second and tell me that they are not something special?!?! I like to call a spade a spade, so I am comfortable saying that pugs are not pretty creatures. But that does not mean they are not cute. In fact, they are sooooo ugly that they transcend the whole thing and become utterly adorable in a way that a pretty animal could never manage.

Pugs love hugs

Dachshunds may enjoy the occasional cuddle, but what non pug owners need to understand is that hugs are hardwired into Pugs. Pugs literally need hugs and cuddles and affection. It keeps them calm and centers them. Most dogs are in some way independent, but Pugs., Pugs are not that. For some, this may well be a downside, but for us, this is an incredible plus point. Why? Because we love our doggie hugs too!

Pugs don’t walk

This final point will divide people depending on how active they are. Some people love having dogs for the long treks in the countryside. Others prefer a more sedate lifestyle. If you are the latter, then you have just found the dog of your dreams, because Pugs do not walk. I mean of course they can literally walk, but they do not like to. In fact, its not advisable to walk a Pug for any distance. Its actually not good for them. No, a Pug would rather be sitting on some luxurious pillow being gently stroked by its owner. So if you favor a laid back life, without the hassles of long walks outside, then Pugs are absolutely for you!

Cute Pug Looking at you

Picking the perfect small dog breed as a pet is a subjective thing. Its more about matching the personality of the dog to the owner. But for many, the personality and attitude of the Pug make them the ultimate pet. What do you think about the debate between Pugs and Dachshunds? Which do you prefer? Tell us in the comments. And dachshund owners rest assured – we will be publishing a reply from your perspective very soon.

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